The Handbag Trends of 2014


The Handbag Trends of 2014

Every new year brings with it new trends, even handbag trends. This year’s trend brings back most women’s favorites, including oversized bags and satchels. What’s not to love about wholesale purses that can fit everything but the kitchen sink in them, right?

Oversized Bags

This year, bigger is better. This is good news for the ladies who were tired of shoving their belongings into the petite purses of last year. This year, let your customers feel free to sling the largest oversized bag that they desire, or that they can handle, over their shoulder. They are available in a variety of amazing colors that are sure to add excitement to any wholesale fashion wardrobe.

Go Neutral

Most women know that you cannot or should not mix and match patterns, which is why this year’s runway saw a lot of neutral-colored purses – even white! This offers many opportunities to wear bright or bold patterns, and then carry a beautiful white purse, which is something that most women might already have stashed in their closet!

Go with the Print

For those women that will not wear patterned wholesale fashion, they can boast their love for design with a printed purse, as they were also seen all over the runways. This style is for the timid or bold, as it can be as outrageous or tame as your customers would like. Let them explore and have fun; their spring wardrobe should be one that makes them smile and be happy!

Tricks to Help Women Look Slimmer

Every woman has a day or two that she just feels overweight or as if her wholesale clothing does not fit right. Every woman is entitled to those days, but she needs a few tricks up her sleeves to make her wholesale fashion outfit look and feel good so that her ego does not suffer.

Cinch the Waist

You should encourage your customers to always carry a little sweater with them, as they just never know when the air could get chilly, no matter where they live. As an added bonus, an extra sweater could serve as a way to slim the waist or, in essence, hide it. For those moments that your customer suddenly feels self-conscious of her waistline, whether she just ate or does not feel right, she can tie her sweater around her waist, drawing the eyes to other parts of the body and making herself feel better.

Get Unequal

Throwing off the balance in a wholesale fashion outfit is another way to hide the “bulge.” If your customer is happy with her legs, encourage the purchase of skinny jeans or leggings. That will bring the focus to the narrow area of your customer’s body and allow her to wear larger wholesale fashion tops that are a bit baggier and which hide the waist that she is not fond of at the moment.

Wear Patterns

Another wonderful way to take the focus off of a woman’s waistline is to wear patterned bottoms. Whether it is a fuller skirt or dress, the pattern will draw the eyes away from the waist, bringing them down. This technique is most effective when a neutral top is worn to keep the focus off of that area.

The Color of the Year

Every year there is a Pantone Color of the Year chosen. This color is the most popular color to wear and is the one that is seen on celebrities in a variety of ways. This year, the color of the year is Radiant Orchid, which means that women can embrace their love of purple and be in style with their wholesale fashion wardrobe! Are your customers not quite sure that they are fond of purple, just yet? Let’s show you how they can start subtly and work their way up to a full-blown orchid colored outfit.


One of the best ways to start wearing purple, whether light or dark, is with wholesale fashion accessories. Belts, necklaces, sunglasses and scarves are just a few of the accessories that women can slip on and feel as if they are a part of the trend. If they do not want to wear purple, why not encourage them to carry a large purple purse? It’s the perfect way to jump in on the trend without feeling uncomfortable.

Pick One Piece

For those customers that are a bit more ready to jump in feet first, let them try purple bottoms! Yes, purple wholesale pants or skirts are the perfect spring clothing item to wear! What could be more light and fun than a floral, purple skirt? Honestly, nothing could be, in our opinion!

Go for It

For those women that are ready to go for it, wearing purple from head-to-toe, purple wholesale dresses are the way to go! They are simply stunning in their purple glory, and have a wonderful way of drawing out a woman’s skin tone and eye color. Paired with neutral accessories, your customers are going to be the fashion highlight of their town, for sure!

Why Women Should Love Hoodies

Wholesale fashion comes in many forms; it is not always sparkly sequins and high heels. There are simply days that women need something comfortable, yet fashionable to wear. This is where hoodies enter the scene! The right hoodie can be comfortable, beautiful and stylish!

Many Options

Perhaps one of the largest benefits of the hoodie is its ability to match with many other items. Jeans, sweats and leggings are just a few of the options that women have to pair with their favorite hoodie. To make it stylish, encourage your customers to wear their favorite hoodie with a pair of jeans, sparkly tennis shoes and hoop earrings. It turns into a casual outfit at its finest!

Look Good Working Out

Working out is a necessity, but that does not mean that your customers do not have to be stylish while doing it. A hoodie with a pair of leggings or yoga pants equals instant style. Now your customers can be stylish and comfortable, while burning those calories, especially if performing the exercise outdoors.

A Perfect Layer

Layering is the perfect way to stay warm and stylish. On those days that the chill just seems to cut right through you, women can benefit by slipping on a beautiful, studded hoodie over a basic tee, cami or long sleeve shirt. Hoodies can also take the place of a coat on those days that have a little chill in the air but are not super cold. It is the perfect way to embrace wholesale fashion without feeling bulky or as if a sense of fashion is being sacrificed.


Stripes are Fun

Stripes are Fun

Stripes are one of those wholesale fashion trends that women either love or hate. Those who hate them might quickly change their minds when they learn all of the benefits of this fashion trend. It used to be that stripes were not flattering, but, when worn right, they can be the perfect way to transform any outfit from boring to extraordinary!

Keep Accessories Minimized

One of the largest fears that women have when wearing stripes is looking like a clown! You can reassure your customers that the only way to pull that look off is if they wear too many wholesale fashion accessories together with the stripes. When wearing bright, striped wholesale tops, encourage your customers to opt for simpler accessories, such as smaller earrings and simple shoes, and to skip the necklaces.

Keep the Bottom Half Neutral

Wearing bright, bold stripes can be a real mood enhancer, as long as the bottom half of the outfit is kept neutral. Help your customers think in terms of wholesale fashion jeans, khakis or leggings. They can have more fun with their shoes, wearing knee high boots or their favorite high heels, while keeping their legs neutral, to allow the stripes to set the mood for the entire outfit.

Layer Up

You are bound to have customers who still shake their head vehemently at wearing stripes. For those customers, try encouraging them to wear a cardigan, blazer or light jacket over the striped wholesale tops, to allow them to embrace the trend without feeling overwhelmed.

The Many Ways to Wear a Sequined Tank Top

The sequined tank top can play an important role in any woman’s wholesale fashion wardrobe. From casual to dressy, and everything in between, this top can take an ordinary wardrobe up several notches! A neutral top, such as khaki or silver, is ideal, but any color can play an important role in a woman’s fashion.

Wear It Solo

Of course, the sequined tank can be worn solo and paired with many different types of bottoms. Wholesale jeans, skirts and dress pants are in the group that will get along very well with this top. Try to encourage your customers to contrast the top and bottom, to give the outfit a more dramatic look.

Pair It with a Cardigan

Cardigans are a woman’s best friend, aren’t they? They are so versatile and can change an outfit in a blink of an eye. For those customers that want to really shake things up, have them pair a simple cardigan with the flashy sequined top, and see what happens! Magic will unfold, for sure! They still have options here, too; pair the combo with jeans or a skirt, and then decide whether or not to slip on a bright, contrasting, skinny belt over the cardigan for an extra pop of color.

Pair It with a Blazer

Are your customers looking for a way to make work a little more fun? Have them try a blazer over their sequined tank top. Ask them just how productive they feel. Chances are they will feel great about themselves and suddenly more excited about work – fashion can do that to a person!

The Versatility of the Pencil Skirt

The Versatility of the Pencil Skirt

Every woman must have at least one pencil skirt in her wholesale fashion wardrobe. This is one of the only pieces in a woman’s closet that can be worn in any of the four seasons! Yes, the pencil skirt can be worn when it is 90 degrees or 40 degrees; all it takes is a few simple changes in wholesale accessories, and, of course, the shoes.


During the winter months, the pencil skirt can be worn with tights and knee high boots, or nylons and gorgeous heels. On the top, women can wear a long sleeve top and pair it with her favorite cardigan or blazer, especially if she has to head into the office.


As the weather gets slightly warmer, the pencil skirt can be worn in so many beautiful ways. Depending on the weather, nylons might be an option. On the top, women can wear a pretty short sleeve top, paired with a cardigan or jacket of a lighter nature than she wore in the winter months.


The heat is on in the summer, which means no tights or nylons are necessary. Women can change their wholesale tops for a sleeveless version paired with a chunky necklace and her favorite high heels. It is the perfect way to look sleek and feminine without feeling too hot.


Fall is that transition month; the time that women go back and forth between wholesale fashion outfits, constantly feeling too warm or too cold. The pencil skirt is the perfect way to solve that problem. With little skin bared, it can be the perfect way to layer up and stay warm or be covered up just enough to be cool, but not cold on cooler fall days.


Find a Fashion Icon

Do you have customers that just do not know how to find their way in the fashion world? Maybe they waver between several different wholesale fashion styles, not really finding the look that is right for them. Aside from asking you for your fashion advice, they can choose a fashion icon – whether it is a celebrity, model, or a different role model in their own life. Then they can mimic that idol’s style in their own wardrobe, without making an exact duplicate.

Watch Their Style

Once your customer picks a style icon, encourage her to watch the style of that person. As she watches, she can pick and choose the things that she just loves that the celebrity wears. She can then find similar items in your store as they shop through your wholesale apparel. If there is a certain pattern that catches her eye, help her find something similar in your store, whether it is a bright plaid, or muted sequins – you can help her find similar outfits that will give her the look that she desires. If she covets the shoes that her favorite celeb wears, help her find something along the same lines, and watch her fall in love with an entirely new style that she can call her own.

Change Things Up

Once a style has been chosen, help your customer add her own whimsical style to the look. If there are wholesale tops that she falls in love with that mimic her favorite celebrity, help her combine them with shoes that she loves, or an extra layer to make it her own style. Wholesale accessories will play a large role in this process, as they can change the entire look of an outfit. Most of all, encourage your customers to experiment, finding unique ways to mimic the celebrity of their choice!

A New Year Means a Time for New Fashion

If you are like most retailers, you have loyal customers that come back again and again. When they come in, you know exactly what they will be looking for, because you have pinned down their exact style. Now is the time to break those habits! Let your customers let loose a little bit, finding what they like that might be outside what they consider their comfort zone. It does not have to be an entirely new wholesale fashion; maybe they just choose one small area to dip their toes in and give a new fashion trend a try.

A few areas in which you can help your customers find new fashion trends include:


  • Try a new color! Many women get comfortable with the same colors, forgetting that there are so many others to try. Those women that are hesitant to step outside of their comfort zone, yet might feel okay giving a new color a try, because it is a very small step to take.
  •  Try a new skirt or dress length. A larger risk to take is taking a skirt or dress higher or lower than your customer is accustomed to wearing. Maybe baring a little more skin this year is just what she needs to give herself the ego boost that she needs.
  • Try a slimmer fit. It is so easy to get comfortable in clothes that are baggy, because they hide the flaws. Encourage your customers to go out on a limb and try something that has a slightly slimmer fit. They might love how they look and feel, and discover an entirely new wholesale fashion look for themselves!

Recycle Your Holiday Wardrobe

The holidays have been wrapped up, and now your customers are left with dresses and sparkly wholesale fashion pieces that they fear will be ignored. The good news is that they can still be worn throughout the year with just a little creativity!

Play It Down

Sequins and sparkles might not be the wardrobe choice for everyday wear, like they are for the holidays, but with a simple sweater, scarf or jacket, they can be played down. All of a sudden the super dressy outfit has become casual and perfect for a casual night on the town or even work. All it takes is a little thought into what pieces can be layered under or over the holiday ensembles to make them wearable all year long.

Change the Shoes

While the high heel stilettos wholesale women shoes are coveted during the holidays, they do not have a lot of places to wear them after the holidays. If your customers want to continue wearing their holiday ensembles, have them switch their high heels for kitten heels, ballet flats or knee high boots for an entirely different look. To make the look even more casual, help your customers choose the perfect pair of tights for warmth and an air of beauty, for further use of their holiday outfits.

Change the Hairdo

While a fancy up-do for fancy holiday gatherings might be appropriate, on a more casual day it might not be necessary. Your customers might be pleasantly surprised to realize that simply wearing their hair down with tame wholesale accessories, such as pretty headbands, can make their outfit perfectly suitable for any occasion.