How Fashion is Influenced by Our Grandparents

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Fashion trends change on a day-to-day basis; what’s hip today is lame tomorrow. Luckily, with a new emerging trend based on your grandpa’s old hand-me-downs, you can be stylish with just about any piece of vintage inspired clothing. Forget expensive designer labels and matching outfits! The hipster phenomenon thrives on those random retro, old-school pieces from the elegant sophisticated 30’s, up to 90’s grunge. Not sure if the hipster trend is right for you? Take a look at this infographic for the top 10 signs you dress like a hipster; you might not even be aware that you’re part of the cause until reading it. If you’re loving what you’re seeing and are a bit unsure of where to start, or simply don’t have some of gramps old boxes of clothes from the attic to rummage through, check out Primetime Clothing for some great retro styles to complete your hipster wardrobe!

How Fashion is Influenced by Our Grandparents

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