The Handbag Trends of 2014

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The Handbag Trends of 2014

Every new year brings with it new trends, even handbag trends. This year’s trend brings back most women’s favorites, including oversized bags and satchels. What’s not to love about wholesale purses that can fit everything but the kitchen sink in them, right?

Oversized Bags

This year, bigger is better. This is good news for the ladies who were tired of shoving their belongings into the petite purses of last year. This year, let your customers feel free to sling the largest oversized bag that they desire, or that they can handle, over their shoulder. They are available in a variety of amazing colors that are sure to add excitement to any wholesale fashion wardrobe.

Go Neutral

Most women know that you cannot or should not mix and match patterns, which is why this year’s runway saw a lot of neutral-colored purses – even white! This offers many opportunities to wear bright or bold patterns, and then carry a beautiful white purse, which is something that most women might already have stashed in their closet!

Go with the Print

For those women that will not wear patterned wholesale fashion, they can boast their love for design with a printed purse, as they were also seen all over the runways. This style is for the timid or bold, as it can be as outrageous or tame as your customers would like. Let them explore and have fun; their spring wardrobe should be one that makes them smile and be happy!

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